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Sessions vary from 1 to 3 hours depending on content. A free consultation is available for all new clients. All sessions include a free follow-up chat (not to exceed 15 minutes). Services are available by Skype, as out-call service in the San Francisco Bay Area, or at my current healing space in Clayton CA.

Note: I am not a licensed physician and do not provide any medical diagnosis, prescriptions, or advice.

Super-sized soul sessions is a series of sessions that provide you with an comprehensive health plan for your soul. When you sign up for the series, each session is 10% less than the regular fee. See below for additional information.

Any appointment cancellation requires a minimum 24 hours advance notice otherwise you will be charged for the session regardless of attendance

The custom in
indigenous societies and tribes is that medicine people and shamans do not charge for services. It is believed that doing so lessens their power. The tribal members automatically knew that they should reimburse the medicine person/shaman with how much they thought the healing was worth. In modern society, where most members are not aware of these customs and money has become the traditional form of payment, it becomes necessary to establish a payment plan. As a form of honoring the old traditions, if you are paying in person, please place the payment on the table at the completion of the session instead of handing it directly to me.

Soul Session costs are $125 per hour. Add 10% for out call sessions to cover travel time and cost. Session work includes: Reiki, Shamanic Energy Medicine, Hypnotherapy, and Transgender Spiritual Services.  Past Life and Life Between Life Sessions are $200 for first hour and $100 for second hour (if required).

I do not want to turn away clients that are unable to afford my standard rates, so please contact me to discuss sliding scale fees and training scholarships if you have limited income.

There are 4 ways to make payment: Cash, Check, Credit Card, and or request an invoice via Paypal. Gift certificates are available.

Since ceremonies and rituals are created on an individual case basis and may require specific materials, there is no set fee. Contact me for a consultation and quote for fees.

I would love to travel to you. If you live outside the San Francisco bay area your tuition or session fee may be free if you  would like to host me for classes or sessions.  Of course, the number of students or clients would have to be adequate to cover travel costs.

In most soul sessions, I use a combination of techniques from hypnotherapy, transpersonal psychology, and shamanism, and energy medicine practices. At the end of the preliminary consultation I will review my recommended plan of action for your consent before the actual work begins. All of the services below can be requested as a holistic solution to your concerns or a la carte, i.e. specific areas you wish to focus on.


Healing: Emotional release and clearing of root causes of trauma, addictions, and phobias.

Somatic Healing: Use of hypnosis to reduce/eliminate pain, tap into body's wisdom to heal physical ailments.


All hypnotherapy and regression sessions consist of 5 parts:

Initial Interview: Conversation about why you want a session and what you expect to get from it.

Induction: Guided meditation to relax and focus the mind. This allows you to access the subconscious.

Journey: The meat of the session. Where we go depends on the goals of the session established in the Interview.

Return: Post hypnotic suggestions given to support and integrate your journey and return to ordinary consciousness.

Closing Interview: Review details of your journey and discussing homework for integration of what was learned.


  • Want to find your peaceful place?

  • Want to develop your intuition & wisdom?

  • Want to manifest your dreams & desires?

  • Want to discover & activate your life purpose?

  • Want to experience joy, vitality, & a zest for life?

  • Want to gain freedom from what holds you back?

  • Want to create a healthy, vibrant body & lifestyle?

  • Want to learn relaxation & stress reduction techniques?

  • Want to feel more connected to Others, Spirit, & Nature?

  • Want to create self-esteem, self-confidence, self-love and/or self-empowerment?

Read more about Hypnotherapy

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Past Life & Between Life Regression: Past life, future life, and between lives guided journeys for the following goals:

  • Meet your spirit guides

  • Learn your soul’s purpose

  • Clear past karma and atone for overt acts

  • Activate your creative talents from past lives

  • Explore your past for understanding who you are now

  • Discover contracts affecting you and your relationships

Past life and between life work is done through hypnosis. You can specify past life regression or between life journey. They are two different types of sessions. The session consists of 5 parts:

Initial Interview: Conversation about why you want a session and what you expect to get from it.

Induction: Guided meditation to relax and focus the mind. This allows you to access the subconscious.

Journey: The meat of the session. Where we go depends on the goals of the session established in the Interview.

Return: Post hypnotic suggestions given to support and integrate your journey and return to ordinary consciousness.

Closing Interview: Review details of your journey and discussing homework for integration of what was learned.

A session averages 1.5 to 2 hours.

Read more about Past Life Regression

View Video about Hypnotherapy and Past Life Sessions

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A past life package combines past life regression via hypnotherapy with shamanic energy medicine healing practices to provide the most powerful, effective, and safest way to experience past life journeys.

In order to provide this past life package, a practitioner must not only be trained in hypnotherapy but in shamanic and energy medicine modalities as well. My extensive training in all three areas, allows me the advantage of offering a complete past life experience. I offer a past life experience in a package of three sessions. The sessions consist of:

Session 1: Preparation (approximately 1 hour)

  • Consultation – Discussion to identify the your issues, desires, and reasons for having a past life journey.

  • Energy Body Tune-up – Aura repair, chakra restoration, cord removal, grounding cord check, and Reiki fill up. This insures that your energy body is in top shape to experience past life travel.

  • Entity Extraction – Check for and extract entity attachments. When a you are entity-free, you will be assured that your past life memories are your own.

Session 2: Journey through Time (averages 1.5 hours)

  • Past Life Regression – This session consists of three parts. First, guided meditation and relaxation are used to put you in a trance (focused state of mind). Second, the you will be guided through time to visit a past life which will include the death experience. A portion of the post-life will also be experienced. Third, as you return to the present moment, you will receive post-hypnotic suggestions to aid you in integrating your past experiences with your present life.

Session 3: Restoration & Integration (approximately 1 hour)

  • Soul Retrieval Ceremony – A soul retrieval will be performed, where lost soul parts from your past life will be integrated into your current energy body. In addition, if you are release any foreign soul parts you may be holding. Lastly, you will be filled with power.

Read more about Past Life Regression

View Video about Hypnotherapy and Past Life Sessions

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Spirit & Energy Healing: Past trauma clearing, soul retrievals, energetic extractions, death rites, meridian tapping, and repairing the aura, chakras, and energy channels.

Read more about Energy Medicine

Read more about Shamanism

View Video about Shamanic Energy Medicine


Reiki: Use of Usui Reiki.

Read more about Reiki


  • Victim of a trauma?

  • Experiencing addiction?

  • Experiencing blocks to creativity?

  • Desire to create self-empowerment?

  • Inability to manifest dreams and desires?

  • Experiencing chronic physical pains or illnesses?

  • Feeling disconnected from Others, Spirit, and/or Nature?

  • Experiencing fatigue, weakness, lack of vitality, or zest for life?

  • Seeking spiritual practices independent of organized religions?

  • Desire to discover and activate your life purpose or direction in life?

  • Experiencing unresolved fears, nightmares, or interruptions to sleep?

  • Feeling unbalanced, unfocused, ungrounded, negativity, or judgment?

  • Desire to open heart, heal self, and/or gain inner intuition and wisdom?

  • Feelings of insecurity, low self-esteem, not fitting in, and/or being unloved?

  • Feeling depressed, anxious, restless, empty or experiencing panic attacks?

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In Need of a Soul Make-over?

Super-sized soul sessions is a series of sessions that provide you with an comprehensive health plan for your soul. When you sign up for the series, each session is 10% less than the regular fee. The series of sessions can be done over whatever period of time is comfortable for you. Or they can be done as an intensive personal retreat by doing morning and afternoon sessions back to back.

What is the benefit of having a soul make-over? The energy body, which overlays the physical body, is the home of the soul. It carries imprints from current and past lives. It also may have blocked energy from many different causes. If the energy can be freed or healed before these imprints descend to the physical body, then dis-ease and accidents can be avoided. In addition, having a healthy energy body will make you feel good; good enough to be the creative and self-empowered person you want to be. Now it is more important than ever before to create and maintain an healthy energy body because as we ascend from 3rd dimension to 4th, the physical body will fade away and the vehicle for our soul will be the energy body. There are specific rituals that can be done now to facilitate your ascension journey. For example, activating your DNA. Working on clearing, healing, and enlightening the energy body creates a state of luminosity called the luminous body, the light body, or the rainbow body. This new luminous body has a higher energetic vibration. This higher vibration attracts positive energy into your life, including prosperity, health, and new loving relationships.

The specific agenda for super-sized soul sessions depends on your unique needs. In general, it can include:

  • Conference Room Work

  • Peaceful Place Guided Meditation

  • Grounding & Protection Guided Meditation

  • Soul Clearing (trauma identification & clearing)

  • DNA, Pineal, & Lightbody Activation

  • ThetaHealing®

  • Childhood and Pre-birth Regression

  • Entity Extraction

  • Crystallized Energy Extraction

  • Power Animal Retrieval

  • Spirit Guide Retrieval

  • Higher Self Retrieval

  • Inner Guide Retrieval (Inner Mate & Inner Parents)

  • Soul Retrieval & Soul Empowerment

  • Body Part Retrieval

  • Soul Release Ritual

  • Past Life Regression

  • Between Life Journey

  • Future Life Progression

  • Somatic Healing

  • Aura & Chakra Repair

  • Cord Cutting

  • Contract & Vow Cancellations

  • Reiki or Reiki Massage

  • Essential Oil Therapy

  • Meridian Tapping

  • House, Workplace, or Vehicle Clearing

  • Naming Ceremony

  • Rite of Passage Ceremony

  • Despacho & Fire Ceremony

  • Creation of a Daily Soul Plan

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A psychopomp is an individual that assists souls as they cross from life through death to the Afterlife. I draw from my skills and experiences of working as a shamanic energy medicine practitioner as well as a past life regression therapist. Psychopomp functions include:

  • Listening to an individual's life review (if requested).

  • Facilitating forgiveness and recapitulation (if requested.

  • Aiding the soul as it exists the physical body.

  • Assisting the soul's journey through the tunnel or "to the Light" when it is ready.

  • Providing experiential workshops for individuals that wish to experience the dying process, the Afterlife, and the return.

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A lot of time and resources are spent addressing the physical and emotional issues of individuals throughout the growing up process. There are a plethora of services available to support the body and mind. However, there is one aspect is greatly overlooked or ignored. That aspect is the health of the soul.

As a transpersonal hypnotherapist and a shamanic energy medicine practitioner I offer a series of spiritual services that assist individuals to discover who they are and to empower them to be healthy, holistic, and well-balanced. These services are not based in any dogma or specific religious tradition but are generic spirituality that can augment any individual’s religious beliefs.

All of my services can be utilized by any individual regardless of identity, however, I have adapted many common ceremonies to specifically support individuals with non-conforming gender and sexual identities.

The path to self-empowerment includes discovering who one is, honoring one’s place in the world, identifying one’s gifts, and sharing those gifts with the world. Many individuals have spent years in fear, shame, stigma, pain, isolation, and victimization. By tapping into one’s soul purpose and finding one’s spiritual path, the old painful skins can be shed and a new skin of hope, healing, and happiness can be stepped into.

These services and ceremonies are designed to aid individuals in the following areas:

  1. To develop freedom from physical and emotional pain

  2. To manifest financial security

  3. To feel social acceptance

  4. To acknowledge spiritual assistance

  5. To create self-empowerment

Following is a description of the various services I offer:


This ceremony can be used for anyone wishing to change a name or to sanctify a given name. A name is an energetic sign that identifies who an individual is. Each name carries a specific vibration.

A surname is the family name that you inherit at birth. Most may believe that they have no control over what name they are born into. However, if they believe in the pre-life selection process associated with reincarnation, they most likely chose their parents and hence their surname was appropriate for the life lessons they chose to work with this time around. A given name is the first name or familiar name that parent bestow upon an individual at birth when the individual is too young to have a vote on which name they would like.

Many people accept the names given at their birth as sacred and unchangeable. However, in some cultures, a name is fluid. For example, in some Native American tribes, a child would be named after something that was relevant at their birth. However, when they complete the rite of passage from childhood to adulthood, they are given a new name that represents who they have become.

In Australia, the Aborigine people do not celebrate birthdays but they do celebrate naming ceremonies. For instance, as an individual grows decides on an identity, such as a storyteller for example, they will pick a name associated with their gift. The entire tribe joins in celebration of the new name.

In pagan and magick traditions, individuals choose a secret “magick” name that they will use in ceremony and ritual.

In Western culture, a name change is usually marked by applying for a new driver’s license or identification card. All legal documents including passport, social security, and birth certificate need to be changed. Quite often, the name will be legally changed by a court order.

However, the ceremony of taking on a new name is missing. Stepping into the energy of a new name should be honored with a ritual. This ritual can be performed in solitary as a contract between an individual and their Higher Self or it can be a ceremony in which others are present as witnesses.

I have created a ceremony that involves everyone in the group blessing your new name before it is energetically integrated into your physical body.

There are many ways to choose a new name. It can be done randomly by choosing a name that you like the sound of. It can be chosen based on its symbolic meaning. It can be found online by using a name generator. To be very meticulous about the energy of new name, use numerology to design a name with specific intent or meaning.


Often when we are in an unpleasant place in our lives, we begin to feel stuck there. Sometimes this “stuckness” perpetuates itself because we are in resistance. In order to move or shift, it becomes necessary to create a radical transformation in our perceptions.

In the Peruvian Andes there is a concept called “ayni”, which means to be in right relationship. Ways to create right relationship are:

  1. Be grateful for what you have. (Formalize your gratitude through ceremony.)

  2. Radically forgive those that have wronged you. (Read Radical Forgiveness by Colin Tipping)

  3. Remove resistance by accepting your situations are opportunities for growth (Its good medicine and a karmic healing.)

  4. Be grateful for blessings on their way. (From the Native American concept of giving thanks for unknown blessings already on their way.)

  5. Energetically release those situations and/or people that no longer serve you thereby making room for something new to flow in. (Formalize your release through ceremony.)

These steps help shift energy and get it flowing. Energy movement brings new and exciting prospects.


A rite of passage is a ritual event that marks an individual’s transition from one status to another. Ceremonies honor individuals and create a deeper bond to their community when others share in the celebration of rites of passage. Rites of passage are used to celebrate major milestones in an individual's life. The seven major transitions are identified as: birth, puberty, adulthood, marriage, parenthood, eldership, and ancestorship (death).

Transsexuals have some additional points of passage: second puberty (beginning of hormone therapy), rite of passage (living 24/7 in desired gender role), and rebirth (completing legal changes and/or genital reassignment surgery).

A rite of passage from girlhood to manhood might include a celebration of joining the adult male world and a symbolic activation of fertilizing seeds. As a new father of the world, a transman uses his masculine values to welcome his new self. He stands in self-empowerment and brings the gifts of his soul to harvest.

A rite of passage from boyhood to womanhood might include a celebration of joining the adult female world and a symbolic activation of menses. As a new mother of the world, a transwoman uses her feminine values to welcome her new self into rebirth so that  all the gifts of her soul can be nurtured.

A rite of passage for a gender fluid individual might include a celebration of joining the world of gender fluidity and releasing the old labels of a binary gender system.


A power animal is an animal spirit guide that watches over an individual throughout their life. An individual can have multiple power animals that serve as guides and spirit helpers. Each animal has specific traits that can be used to provide positive qualities for an individual as needed.

A power animal can be retrieved on a guided meditation by an experienced practitioner, by having a shaman journey for the retrieval, or by an individual journeying for his/her own animal. During a power animal retrieval journey, an animal should appear a minimum of 4 times. Power animal retrievals help restore an individual’s personal power.

After an individual is introduced to their power animal, a long term relationship is established by honoring the animal through communication and paying respect by “dancing the animal”.


Soul retrieval is a process of bringing back soul parts that have been lost, stolen, or put away for safe keeping. Soul parts may be lost in two fundamental ways:

  • Parts of an individual’s soul can be lost during traumatic events. Soul parts may be sent away for safe keeping as a means of defense and spiritual survival.

  • Parts of an individual’s soul may be stolen by others that are holding onto pieces for various reasons. 

The symptoms of soul loss include: trauma; post-traumatic stress syndrome; shock; immune deficiency problems; chronic illness; coma; chronic depression; suicidal feelings; inability to heal; inability to move forward; long term grief; addictions; disassociation; lost memories; spaciness; inability to feel; feeling lost, incomplete, stuck, or dispirited; loss of control; feeling that something in life is missing; feeling that you want to return to a person/location for no good reason; or that you lost something you can’t get back. 

The benefits of a soul retrieval can be: feeling more present, feeling more connected, moving forward easier, making decisions or changes easier, or making self-improvements.

An individual who has grown up with a non-conforming gender or sexual identity is very likely to have sent away soul pieces for safe keeping. In addition, an individual may be holding on to soul pieces of others. During the process of soul retrieval, these pieces can be ritually released. It would make perfect sense that an individual with non-conforming gender and sexual identities may be holding soul bits of others that are viewed as role models, someone they aspire to be like or with.


The mechanics of body part retrieval is similar to those of soul retrieval however instead of bringing lost soul pieces back for integration, the energetic imprint of specific body parts are integrated with an individual. This ritual is a way to bring in a desired body part before genital reassignment surgery. For example, a male-to-female trans* individual may want to release a penis and “call in” a new vagina. Or a female-to-male trans* individual may want to release breasts and “call in” a new penis. The desired body parts are already imprinted on the Energy Body of a pre-op trans* individual. During a body part retrieval those energetic imprints are “pulled down into” the physical body, creating an energetic imprint in the Physical Body for the actual manifestation to occur through surgical procedure. A Energy Body tune-up should be completed before and after any surgical procedures.


See above and Past Lives for detailed information.


The following energetic themes are common to individuals that grew up with non-conforming gender and sexual identities:

  1. The physical body is not grounded. Many trans* individuals that do not like their physical body don’t spend a lot of time in it. In other words, the Energy Body is only partially in the Physical Body. These individuals probably spend a lot of time in their head. If the Physical Body is not grounded, it is vulnerable to accidents and other physical problems.

  2. Energy boundaries may be weak or damaged. If a trans* individual rejects the Physical Body because it doesn’t match the Energy Body, the body becomes susceptible to invasion by foreign energy such as entities or seeds that can develop into disease. In addition, the Energy Body may have sustained rips, tears, and dents from life events that are in need of repair.

  3. Hyper-vigilance is strong. The third eye, the home of intuition, of an individual with non-conforming gender and sexual identities is wide open due to hyper-vigilance and empathic skills.

  4. Holding shame creates low self-esteem. An individual with non-conforming gender and sexual identities are often shunned, stared at, and whispered about from early childhood on. A lifetime of being stigmatized creates feelings of worthlessness, paranoia, and feeling unloved.

  5. Preferred genitalia really are present. Others may not see a trans* individual’s true form but the kinesthetic feel is present for the individual. The body of a trans* individual does exist in an energetic state.

  6. There is no such thing as “being born in the wrong body”. There are no accidents or coincidences in the universe. It is time to accept that being trans* is a part of the pre-birth contract that was created for this incarnation and may be related to karmic lessons.

To assist individuals deal with these concepts I offer classes and workshops that are specific to the subject of gender and sexual identity. One example is my workshop called Dreaming the Energetic Body: Bridging the Worlds between the Physical & the Energetic. This is an experiential workshop that focuses on aligning one’s physical body image with one’s mental picture of that body. I also offer a workshop called “Andro-balancing”, which helps cis males get in touch with their feminine energy. In addition, I offer a soul school of self-empowerment.

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Creating Spirit Tools: Mojo bags, medicine bags, wands, spirit sticks, dressed candles, sacred herbs, fire throw, prayer ties, corn husk dolls, and spirit traps.

Read more about Ceremonial Crafts



Rituals, Rites, & Ceremony: Despacho ceremony, fire ceremony, Quechuan rites, clearing, grounding, and energizing for you, your home, your office, or your vehicle.

Spiritual Mentoring & Personal Retreats – Customized agenda for your specific needs. Develop a daily spiritual practice that is just right for you. (A daily spiritual practice is non-denominational, not affiliated with any established religious institution, and therefore can overlay your personal spiritual beliefs.)


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