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The most common concept of reincarnation is of a soul living successive lives on earth, usually including a passage through the spiritual world or inner planes between death and rebirth. There is a point in this cycle when a soul achieves enlightenment or self-realization and re-merges with Great Spirit/Creator/God/Goddess, which ends the reincarnation cycle.

The bottom line is that during the process of reincarnation, some essential part of a living being survives death to be reborn in a new body. This essential part is often referred to as the Spirit, the Soul, the Higher Self, the True Self, or the Divine Spark.

Perhaps the earliest reference to reincarnation occurred around 1300 BCE in the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Today about 75% of the world’s population believes in reincarnation.

The following religious faiths and cultures have a belief in reincarnation: Baha’i, Confucianism, Druids, Druze, Gnostic, Hinduism, Jainism, Native Americans, New Ageists, Paganism, Scientology, Rastafari, Shamanism, Shinto, Sikhism, Spiritism, Sufi, Taoism, Theosophy, Wicca, and Yoruba.

Judaism does, too, but only in the Kabbalah and orthodox sects. Buddhism doe as well, but the concept is different as there is no belief in the eternal soul. Spiritualism and Unitarian Universalism is divided with some believing in reincarnation and some not. The Christian faith believed in reincarnation until the 4th century when Constantine struck all references to it from the Bible and Christian literature.

The following religions faiths do not have a belief in reincarnation: Islam and Zoroastrianism.


I created the following diagram to portray graphically how the cycle of life occurs within the reincarnation cosmology. The life of a soul originates in the 5D world. A contract is created during a pre-birth life selection process. Then as the soul moves through the birth canal, amnesia occurs, which erases or hides from consciousness the memories of the life between lives and all past lives. During the incarnation on Earth, lessons are learned with free will allowing free choices along the journey. After death, a soul has a post life review, not to be judged but to take note of what was or was not accomplished. The results of the review will determine the lessons to be set up for the next incarnation. The soul will reside in the 5D world until ready for the next incarnation. (Note: some souls become caught on the 4D plane after death but these souls are beyond the scope of this article.)


1.   Third-dimensional (3D) is everyday life that exists on the physical plane of Earth. The energy on this plane is dense and has a low vibration rate making items visual and tangible.

2.   Fourth-dimension (4D) is the astral plane just beyond our physical existence. Recently departed souls often pause here before traveling forward into the spiritual realm because they can send an energetic communication to loved ones. The 4D world is a place of telepathy, out-of-body experiences, and mysticism. It is also the place where disincarnated spirits known as ghosts reside, ghosts being the spirits that have not yet “gone to the Light”. Ego remains in the 4D world and therefore it is not the ultimate spiritual destination.

3.   Fifth-dimension (5D) is the realm of pure energy, pure soul, and pure love. Our Higher Self, spiritual guides and teachers reside here. This is the place of life between lives. We leave the 5th dimension to incarnate into a body on earth.


There are 5 levels of brain-wave activity.

When in the alpha state we can access the 4th dimension and when in the theta state we can access the 5th dimension. Alpha and theta states can be activated through chanting, dancing, praying, repetitive percussion sound, and hypnosis.

A person generally accesses specifics of past lives in the upper alpha state. Life between lives soul regression requires a deep alpha and upper theta state. To reach this deeper level of trance, the hypnotic induction is lengthier.


The soul is holographic energy consisting of waves of light and color. When we are born, a portion of our soul energy steps into the physical body, while the mirror-image complement remains in spirit form on the 5th dimensional plane. The 5th dimension portion is called the Higher Self. Other terms for the Higher Self are Holy Spirit, Holy Ghost, Universal Consciousness, and Superconsciousness.

When we die, our soul is released from the confines of physical body, increasing in vibration in order to reunite with its holographic counterpart in spirit.

Experiencing a life between lives regression allows us to unite for a short while with our Higher Self. This experience can transform our emotional, physical, and spiritual health toward greater wisdom.


The deep subconscious mind retains the memories of every thought, feeling, motive, desire, behavior, and full sensory recall of every physical experience from every incarnation and from the non-physical experiences since the creation of the Soul. This total memory is also stored in the Akashic record, which is the register of everything which has ever occurred. The Akashic records are stored in ether on the 5th dimension plane.

The Akashic records is a universal filing system which records every thought, word, and action. Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning sky, space or aether. The Akashic records have been referred to as the Cosmic Mind, the Universal Mind, the collective unconscious, or the collective subconscious. The Akashic records can be accessed through meditation, astral journeying, dream work, or hypnosis.

The collective subconscious gathers all thoughts from each subconscious mind which can be read by other subconscious minds. The most famous reader of the Akashic records is Edgar Cayce. He would read them while in a deep sleep-like trance.


Karma is a Sanskrit word meaning action, effect, destiny. It is equated to the Law of Cause and Effect. Karma is a sum of all that an individual has done, is currently doing, and will do. The effects of all deeds create present and future experiences. Thus one has responsibility for one's own lives, including past, present, and future.


Three levels of consciousness that exist in the mind are:  

1.   The Conscious - the part of the mind associated with everyday awakened consciousness. It does the thinking, analyzing, imagining, and learning, makes decisions, and expresses what is to be impressed on the subconscious mind. It is used about 5% of the time.

2.   The Subconscious – the part of the mind that is hidden or unconscious from our awareness. It makes no decisions of right or wrong and accepts what has been impressed on it and creates from there. The subconscious stores emotional complexes, long-term memory, instinct, habits, behavior patterns, belief systems, and controls physiological body functions. It is used about 95% of the time.

3.   The Superconscious – this part of mind that belongs to the Higher Self or the Collective Conscious. It is responsible for higher potential, creativity, intuition, quantum reality and spiritual awareness. The superconsciousness is the God or Source energy and is rooted in the Akashic records. It is also called the higher consciousness, super consciousness, objective consciousness, Buddhic consciousness, cosmic consciousness, God-consciousness, Christ consciousness and Super-Human. It is a very high frequency.

The memories stored in the subconscious can be accessed through hypnosis, which is a form of deep relaxation, where the mind can be focused on long-term memories.


Past life memories may come to us in many ways:

1.    Déjà vu

2.    Spontaneous memories

3.    Recurrent dreams

4.    Recurring phobias

5.    Hypnotic regression

6.    Psychic readings

7.    Meditation and visualization

8.    Identification and conscious awareness of the clues listed below


1.    Connection to certain historical time periods

2.    Fascination with a geographical location or climate

3.    Resonating with art, artifacts, music, dance, books, or movies

4.    Connection to other cultures, heritage, and ancestry

5.    Awareness of words, language, and phrases you use

6.    Examining your taste in clothing style and home décor

7.    Examining your food preferences and eating habits, and your tastes in scents, aromas, and smells

8.    Connection to certain vocations, avocations, hobbies, and education

9.    Identifying allergies, physical pain, health issues, injuries, diseases, and surgeries

10.  Identifying scars, tattoos, birth marks, and body type

11.  Examining relationships to friends, lovers, family, workplace acquaintances, animals, and pets

12.  Possessing knowledge, skills, or talent beyond experience especially at the level of prodigies and genius

13.  Childhood memories, likes, aversions, play themes

14.  Connection to causes you are passionate about

15.  Recurring dreams, themes, habits, mannerisms, patterns, preferences, personality traits, emotions, reactions, sensations, trauma, or fears

16.  Origins and meanings of your name and/or nickname

17.  Déjà vu, synchronistic experiences, or strong feelings about someone you meet


A largest percentage of a soul’s memory is of past lives, which means that experiences from past lives can have a major impact on the current lifetime. Many of us have experienced at least 100 or more lifetimes before this incarnation. This influence remains hidden from consciousness unless past life recall is activated.

Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT) is a therapeutic process accessing the unconscious mind and cellular memory in birth, past lives, and life between lives. This technique is effective in locating the original source of past trauma and transforming the core issues that affect daily life functioning and cause physical pain or illness.

The most effective way to access the unconscious mind is through hypnosis. A hypnotherapist trained in past life regression can be an excellent facilitator in helping a person journey to a past life or life between lives.

There are two intentional ways to explore a past life. The first is by getting a past life reading from another person, such as a psychic, who “reads” the past life experiences or “reads” your Akashic record. The second way is to be regressed hypnotically so that a past life is experienced directly.

I have experienced both methods and found that the second method, of being regressed to a past life, is much more powerful. Through actually experiencing a past life, which is so vivid under hypnosis that there is little doubt that it is not real, the experience provides a powerful kinesthetic and visual experience which often includes an emotional release. A past life regression therapist will help facilitate a transformation which can provide a healing for that lifetime and all subsequent lifetimes.

These past life experiences provide many “Aha!” moments. I remember saying to myself “Oh, now I know why I do that.” Or “Oh, now I know why I feel like that.”

A person may want to visit a past life for many different reasons such as:

1.  Curiosity of experiencing a past life.

2.  Exploring past life influences on current relationships.

3.  Discovering contracts or vows made in previous lifetimes that affect this lifetime. These contracts can be cancelled or renegotiated as desired.

4.  To discover overt acts of past lives that affect karmic lessons in this lifetime. These overt acts can be atoned for thus changing or fulfilling karmic lessons now.

5.  Discovering past talents and bringing them to the conscious mind of the present to increase creativity and/or peak performance.

6.  Discovering the pre-life contract and purpose for this lifetime.

7.  Discovering one’s overall soul purpose thereby gaining clarity about one’s intended path.


1.   What is your physical makeup including gender, race, age?
2.   Where are you and when is it including the historical period, culture, and location?
3.   What activity are you doing and what people are present?
4.   What feelings are you experiencing?
5.   How do you die and what are your feelings during death including any statements or vows made?
6.   What are your feelings after death and what retrospectives do you have?
7.   How does this past life compare to your current life?
8.   What wisdom have you gained about karma created or completed and lessons learned?
9.   How can you use this new perspective in your current life?



In the spirit or ether space between lives, sometimes called the Light or the 5th dimension, there is a planning stage where the coming physical lifetime is planned. Beings who will be involved work together to develop situations which will allow for lessons to be learned. These lessons are based on past situations (karma) and are necessary for the development of the soul. As a soul is born, amnesia occurs to prevent memory of the agreements, the past lives, and the life between lives. This is intentional otherwise the learning situations would not be fully authentic.

At all times while incarnated a person has free will that can affect the direction of the pre-planned life. There are also various exit points during the lifetime that a person can opt out if s/he is not satisfied with how the current life is progressing.

At no time, including the post-life review, is there is judgment of right or wrong involved in these free will choices and life lessons. The outcomes affect only those who make the choices.

A life between lives experience is a visit to the 5D world. This experience is facilitated through a hypnotic state. There are many different places in 5D world to visit. They include the Hall of Wisdom (the place of life reviews), the Hall of Records (also known as the Akashic Records), the Hall of Justice (home of the Council of Elders), the Hall of Healing (a place of rejuvenation), and the home of your soul group. It is also possible to meet your personal spirit guide(s) and teacher(s).

Regression clients are usually older souls that have the ability to comprehend past-life and between-lives soul regression.


1.   What is your guide’s name?
2.   What percentage of soul energy did you bring into this current life?
3.   What percentage of masculine, feminine, and androgynous energy do you have in this life?
4.   How are you doing with this amount of soul energy?
5.   Who are the members of your soul family?
6.   What is the purpose for your choice of body, particular talents, life circumstances, etc.?
7.   What is the purpose for your choice of current family and other significant people?
8.   What are the gifts from your family of origin?
9.   How does your council of elders feel you are progressing in this life?
10. What is the primary purpose of your current life?
11. What life themes are you working on?
12. What is the overall mission of your immortal soul?
13. What are the challenges or patterns of your suffering?
14. What is the purpose of your physical illness or limitation? How can it be let go?
15. What red flag is there (caution note that you need to be aware of)?
16. What are the next steps to take in fulfilling your life purpose?

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