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Home: Welcome page

About Me: Bio & contact information plus testimonials from clients and students

Soul Sessions: Services and ceremonies

Soul School: Classes and workshops

Soul Sex: Book on the Alchemy of Gender & Sexual Identity

Soul Store: Free e-Articles

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In the Media: Links to radio and video appearances

Bear with Me Blog: Bearisms Fur Introspection: Posts on Hypnotherapy, Reincarnation & the Afterlife, Shamanic Energy Medicine, Sex & Gender Studies, Transpersonal Psychology, and General Metaphysics 



Photo Gallery: Ceremonial photos

Hypnotherapy: General information

Past Lives Regression: General information

Energy Medicine: General information

Shamanism: General information

    Medicine Wheels & Cosmologies Diagrams of various cosmologies

Reiki: General information and hand positions

Spirit Crafts: Making items for ceremonial purposes: botanicals, dressed candles, homemade Florida Water, magick wands, medicine & mojo bags, prayer ties and bundles, spirit sticks, and spirit traps

NLP: General Information on Neuro-linguistic Programming

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