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Two levels of consciousness that exist in the mind are the everyday awakened conscious mind, which is analytical, and the subconscious mind that is mostly unknown to our conscious mind. The subconscious stores emotional complexes, long-term memory, instinct, habits, physiological control mechanisms, and the Higher Self. Hypnosis is the vehicle that allows us to communicate directly with the subconscious. With all of the functions that are stored in the subconscious, we see how important it is to be able to communicate with it.

A hypnotherapist uses various forms of induction to ease a client into a relaxed state where it is possible to communicate directly with the subconscious. The relaxed state a client is in during hypnosis is called a trance state. All of us are in this state when our minds are very focused on one thing. For example, when you are completely engrossed while watching a movie, you are in a hypnotic trance state. Shamanic journeying is a form of self-hypnosis, where the drum or rattle is used as the induction to trance.

Hypnotherapy is hypnosis used with therapeutic objectives. I use a form of hypnotherapy that involves interactive trance work, where the client is able to communicate verbally and will remember everything experienced after returning to the normal state of consciousness. 


The form of hypnotherapy I am trained in is called Alchemical Hypnotherapy. It was developed by David Quigley. Alchemical Hypnotherapy differs from other forms of hypnotherapy in two basic ways: 1) its purpose is to discover the root cause of trauma, addictions, phobias, or disease, and 2) it can transform these root causes through emotional release, creation of inner guides, and the reframing perceptions of past memories.

Alchemical Hypnotherapy is a synthesis of techniques from many modern schools of transpersonal hypnotherapy and psychology including Gestalt, Regression Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Psychosynthesis, shamanism, and alchemy (as channeled to the modern world by Carl Jung).

The goals of a typical Alchemical Hypnotherapy session are to:

1. Locate the memory and imagery behind an issue and release the emotion associated with that imagery

2. Restructure the imagery

3. Access or create an internal resource which is then anchored to the outer world through post hypnotic suggestion


The form of hypnotherapy that I specialize in is transpersonal hypnotherapy. Transpersonal means going beyond personal consciousness to encompass the experience of the collective consciousness and altered states of consciousness to achieve a broadened holistic perspective.

Transpersonal hypnotherapy is a blend of hypnotherapy, transpersonal psychology, and spirituality. Various states of consciousness are tapped to explore issues such as: how past lives affect the present life; self-sub-personality dialog and identification; self-awareness and self-empowerment; and guided meditation for relaxation. I use my skills as a trained shamanic energy medicine practitioner to help the client open new pathways of understanding about the Self, the Soul, and the Life Purpose or Mission.


Alchemical hypnotherapy allows the client to identify the core cause/memory in the subconscious and work to reframe it to how s/he wants it to be. The client does not forget the original memory but there is now an alternative memory stored in the brain to counteract the negative one.

A metaphor to illustrate this process is the following: A Traumatic Event occurs in a current life or a past life. The subconscious, the place where long term memory is stored, stores the memory of this Traumatic Event as a train track. Each time a subsequent event triggers this memory, a train carrying thoughts and emotions, travels down the same track. Each time the track is traveled it becomes more deeply embedded in the mind. Beliefs are then created from this memory track. If this happens then that happens.

Through hypnotherapy, a switch can be installed on the original track. A new track is built by creating a new memory that has a positive outcome to the Traumatic Event. (Often called rescripting or reframing.) The thoughts and emotions associated with the new track foster self-love, self-esteem, and self-empowerment. The old track always remains but the train now travels down the new track. Beliefs can not be reframed to if this happens, then that where "that" is a much more positive outcome.

In addition to building the new track, the hypnotherapist will assist the conductor of the train to find an assistant who is capable of nurturing, mentoring, or supporting him/her.


I have created a medicine wheel diagram of the major components of Alchemical Hypnotherapy.

The first area of focus is Emotional Clearing. A support system consisting of an inner family, inner mate, and other guides (archetypes) create a foundation of nurturance and/or mentoring for the Inner Child and the Adult Self. Facilitation of communication between sub-personalities (different voices within ourselves) is done to resolve conflicting desires and goals. (This is called Parts Therapy.)

An Etheric Plane Communication is a way to communicate with others (either incarnated or those who have passed) without the need for face-to-face confrontation. The Etheric Plane is the energetic space where all beings are connected through emotion and subconscious images.

The second area of focus is Past Life Regression. Past life memories can be accessed to enhance creative abilities, resolve trauma, change karma, alter contracts with significant others, and examine our life purpose within the pre-conception contract. Click here to read more information on past life regression.

The third area of focus is Addictions and Phobias. Sheer will power alone is not strong enough to control addictions and overcome phobias. Hypnotherapy does not treat addictions and phobias however it does identify the core cause of the addiction or phobia. Discovering the core cause can then be altered as shown in the example of the train track above.

The fourth area of focus is Somatic Healing. Somatic Healing was developed by Nick Ardagh. It is the use of hypnotherapy for injury, pain, and disease. Somatic Healing includes all of these processes:

1. Hypnotic Movement the body moves in its own unique way to unwind physical traumas. This body movement is done without conscious control and releases old traumas which have become energetic blocks that are stored in the body.

2. Energy Healing while hypnotized the client discovers the colors of a pain in the body and moves that color out of the body through exit points. A new healing color is then channeled into the injured or diseased area.

3. Spiritual Surgery during hypnosis the client discovers a powerful inner healer who can perform spiritual surgery on the body to remove tumors, repair bones, muscles and internal organs.


In my practice I am combining shamanic energy medicine with hypnotherapy in order to provide a whole-istic approach to life management. The combination of shamanism, which focuses on spiritual healing, with hypnotherapy, which focuses on body, mind, and emotional healing creates a modality that addresses all aspects of the human soul.

Shamanic energy medicine adds energy body healing, spiritual clearing, entity and energetic extraction, soul retrieval, and soul flight to the list of healing techniques described above to create an incredibly comprehensive list of healing solutions for your body and soul. To obtain a free e-article on shamanic energy medicine, click here.

Note: This whole-istic healing approach is not meant to replace Western medicine, but to enhance what Western medicine can do for us.


The benefits of hypnotherapy sessions can include:

Resolving behavioral and emotional issues

Healing childhood abuse and molestation

Healing addictive/co-dependent behaviors

Healing the underlying causes of physical illness (in conjunction with medical treatment)

Stress or weight management

Integrating your conflicting inner voices

Enriching relationships

Help with decision-making and development of motivation and career success

Opening to creativity and intuition

Contacting your inner guidance

Enhancing creative potential and achieving peak performance

Finding meaning in past life experiences

Discovering your life purpose

Experiencing spiritual awareness

If you feel you have been doing your affirmations but are yet unsuccessful with manifesting what you want in life, there is a core cause that is preventing you from doing it. That cause must be discovered and cleared. The core cause could be from: 1) a contract made in a past life, 2) a pre-birth contract to clear some karma, or 3) an unconscious desire for self-sabotage due to feelings of unworthiness. The latter is always associated with a Traumatic Event that happened earlier in life or in a past life. Hypnotherapy can assist you in not only finding the core cause but help you to change and facilitate a shift in the energetic path you are currently traveling.

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