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Energy or Life Force is known in many cultures by different names. Examples are:

Animal Magnetism - Western Occultism
Ankh - Ancient Egyptian
Astral Light - Western Occultism
Baraka - Sufis
Bioplasmic Energy - Russian Researchers
Ch'i & Qi - Chinese
Ea - Hawai'ian
Emi - Yoruba
Etheric Substance - Western Occultism
Fluid of Life - Alchemy
Holy Ghost & Holy Spirit - Christianity
Jesod - Jewish Kabbalists
Ka - Egyptians
Ki - Japanese
Kupuri - Huichol
Mana - Polynesian & Kahunas
Ni - Lakota
Nwyfre - Welsh Druidry
N:Um - Kalahari !Kung
Odic Force - Western Occultism
Orenda - Iroquois
Orgone - Reichian Psychology
Ori - Mongolian Shamanism
Pneuma - Gnosticism & Greeks
Prana - Hindu Yoga
Ruach, Sefirah & Chayim - Hebrew
Ruh - Sufi Mysticism
Secret Fire - Alchemy
Spirit & Spiritus - Renaissance Magic
Tao & Dao - Taoism
Vital Life Force - Rosicrucian
Waken & Wakoud - Sioux
Win Yaan - Thai Shamanism

However, the everyday meaning of energy is force, vigor, power, strength, action skills, determination, decision, or intention.

The major sources of energy are:

1. Father Sky or Cosmic Energy
2. Mother Earth
3. Our Selves (the Healees)
4. Healers (as channelers of Cosmic or Earth energy) 

The Law of Life Energy states that for life to exist, the body must have life energy.

The intention of energy medicine or energy therapy is to keep the energy flowing through these systems. Any type of block to energy flow can cause e dis-comfort and dis-ease.

Some symptoms of energy flow disruptions are:

1. Fatigue
2. Lack of vitality or zest for life
3. Negative, unbalanced or distorted thinking
4. Negative, unbalanced or distorted emotions
5. Negative, unbalanced or distorted behavior
6. Feeling disconnected from others
7. Feeling disconnected from Spirit
8. Feeling disconnected from nature
9. Panic attacks that can be caused by holes in our auras

There are many types of energy medicine practices. Some are very similar to others. They always involve intention and many involve "hands on" healing. Some have been developed as recently as the 20th century and others can be as old as shamanism that originated over 10,000 years ago. Examples of energy therapies are:

Alexander Technique
Applied Kinesiology
Autogenic Training
Ayurvedic Medicine
Bach Flower Remedies
Biodynamic Massage
Chi Kung
Color Therapy / Light Therapy
Cranio-Sacral Therapy
Crystal Healing
Distant Healing
Feldenkrais Method
Feng Shui
Five Rhythms Dance
Healing Touch
Jungian Psychoanalysis
Magnetic Therapy
Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)
Polarity Therapy
Pranic Healing / Pranayama
Psychic Healing
Qi Gong / Chi Kung
Reevaluation Training
Rosen Therapy
Shamanistic Healing
Sound Therapy
Spiritual Healing
Tai Chi
Therapeutic Touch
Trance Dance
Zero Balancing

Humans have 3 major types of energy systems:


The very well known energy expert, Donna Eden, identifies a total of 9 energy systems. These are taken from her book, Energy Medicine.

1. MERIDIANS Energy pathways that serve as the body's energy "bloodstream." Each meridian runs both along the surface of the skin and deep into the body. The 14 meridians include 12 connected segments (often named after one of the primary organs they govern) and two energy pathways called Central and Governing.

2. AURA The aura surrounds and envelops the body. It is the body's outermost energy system, composed of 7 layers and 7 concentric bands from the bottom to the top of the body. Each layer and each band serves a different function. The aura acts as a filter to protect the body from toxic or disruptive energies, and an antenna bringing in beneficial energies.

3. CHAKRAS Situated along the spine are 7major chakras (additional minor chakras can also be found throughout the body). The chakras are like pools or swirling disks of energy that bathe and fuel the organs that are in their proximity. They govern the endocrine system and carry information about the person's history. They also encode and process physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual experiences. Each major chakra has 7 layers.

4. THE BASIC GRID Embedded throughout the body is a matrix or grid pattern. Dense and slow-moving, it is the foundation of the other energy systems and the innermost energy of them all. The Grid provides the basic structure for the body's energy systems. It also directly supports the bones.

5. CELTIC WEAVE This energy system is a weave or basket that creates a container for all your body's energies. The Celtic Weave is comparable to a web. It draws all of our energy systems together into a network of communication through a criss-crossing dance of large and small figure 8s and sometimes other geometrical shapes, as well.

6. THE ELECTRICS A system that acts on all the other energy systems because the Electrics are comprised of the electrical dimension of each of the other energy systems. The Electrics help to charge and connect the cells, organs, and other energy systems at an electrical level and both affect, and are affected by, the nervous system and the heart. Electrical energy is the densest and most easily measured of the body's energies.

7. RADIANT CIRCUITS Called the Strange Flows or Extraordinary Vessels in ancient Chinese medicine, are subtle energy flows that support and assist all other energy systems. Highly responsive to thoughts and emotions, they fuel joy and other positive feelings. The Radiant Circuits are not confined to fixed pathways like meridians. Instead, they move instantly where needed with a radiant glow that attracts vital energies from the environment and activates healing from within.

8. TRIPLE WARMER Is both a meridian and a Radiant Circuit. It governs the immune system, the fight flight-or freeze response, and the body's survival habits. It allows the person to go into automatic pilot mode for routine processes. It also directs the immune system regarding what to assimilate and what to block or fight.

9. THE 5 RHYTHMS Moving through all of the body's energies is a complex set of pulses called the 5 Elements or 5 Seasons or 5 Rhythms. These are underlying energy patterns that flow through and leave their imprint on all of the other energy systems. The 5 Rhythm Model, based on ancient Chinese medicine, reflects the rhythmic pulse of all life that influences human events and cycles. Each meridian vibrates according to one of these 5 Rhythms or Elements, represented by the metaphors of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal.  

If you would like to try some energy medicine at home, I recommend purchasing The Energy Medicine Kit ($29.95) by Donna Eden. The kit can be found on Amazon and Donna Eden's website. The Energy Medicine Kit comes complete with:

A 28-page booklet
43 illustrated Energy Medicine cards
A DVD that demonstrates 15 exercises
An audio CD that guides you through 21 more techniques
A cut glass crystal on a cord



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