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Ceremonial crafts are items created from natural materials and are used for sacred or ceremonial purposes. These items can be placed on altars or in nature, they can be buried or burned, or released in water, depending on the intent of the creator. The most important ingredient in any spirit craft is intention.

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Plant spirits are present in every herb, flower, bush and tree. Shamans, witches, and healers have communicated directly with plant spirits to find out their properties and purposes. Herbs are valued for medicinal properties, spiritual properties, flavors, and scents. They can be used for spiritual ceremony, healing, mood enhancement, protection, cleansing and purifying, for smokeless smudging, for filling medicine bags, and for leaving an offering in nature. This blend of Sacred Shaman Herbs was chosen based on the energy of the plants’ spirit. It includes the 7 most powerful and frequently used plants in shamanism.

Ingredients of Sacred Shaman Herbs (Medicine Bag Mix):  Tobacco, White Sage, Sweetgrass, Cedar, Lavender, Rosemary, Cornmeal


Essential oils are the essences and aromas of plants. These oils can be used for anointing, massage, and inhalation. Essential oil molecules are easily inhaled which provides triggers to our brain that effect our emotions. This blend of Sacred Shaman Herbs in oil was chosen based on the energy of the plants’ spirit. It includes the 7 most powerful and frequently used plants in shamanism.

Ingredients of Sacred Shaman Oil (Sweet Almond Oil Base): Tobacco, White Sage, Sweetgrass, Cedar, Lavender, Rosemary, Corn


Cedar: Healing, protection, grounding, safety, balance, spirituality, courage, dreams, prosperity, wisdom, calming, comforting, bless houses, purifies & attracts good energy, decreases negativity,

Sweetgrass: Cleansing sacred space, call Spirits, Ancestors, & Spirit Helpers, protect sacred objects, bring in positive energy after negative energies are banished by sage

White Sage: Ceremonial offering, immortality, longevity, wisdom, protection, wishes, drive out evil spirits, negative thoughts, feelings, & entities, purifies the mind, body, & spirit before prayer, meditation, ritual, divination, or ceremony, purifies sacred items, spaces, and houses.

Rosemary: Protection, love, lust, mental powers, exorcism, purification, healing, sleep, youth, protects against evil, cleanses, ensure fidelity.

Lavender: Love, protection, sleep, longevity, purification, happiness, peace of mind and inner calm, promotes passion, romance, harmony, friendship, and cooperation with a lover.

Tobacco: Purify space, offering to Spirits, amplifies prayers, allow communication with spirits.

Cornmeal: Fertility, healing powers of people, animals, rituals, & objects. White cornmeal is male, yellow is female. Corn pollen sprinkled on both unifies it.

Corn: Protection, plenty, drawing luck, divination skills. One of the 3 Sisters in Native American lore.

Almond: Prosperity, wisdom, sweetness; wealth; love; living presently.




Candles absorb one's personal energy and release this energy when burned. The birthday candle ritual is based on 3 key magical principles: 1. Decide on a goal. 2. Visualize the end result. 3. Focus your intent, or will, to manifest that result. Candle magick is based on the same 3 principles.

Candles that I dress are marked for your specific purpose. Reiki energy is also applied to it.


Take a spiritual bath before you begin. Dress in light colored, comfortable clothing. Work in a sacred space or at your altar. Burn incense. Say prayers to your Spirits.

Time your candle-burning to correspond to the cycles of the moon. To bring something into your life, do your rituals when the moon is waxing (or growing). To rid yourself of something, do it when the moon is waning.

Hold the candle between the palms of your hands. Breathe deeply. Visualize your goal. Push personal, programmed power into the candle between your hands. Feel the energy streaming into it. Meditate briefly before lighting the candle to help still the mind and bring your desire into focus. When you light the flame, state your intention out loud, in simple, clear terms. Imagine that you already have what it is you want in your life. Focus on being receptive and open to what it is you want. Hold your hands around the candle's flame. Feel the energy. Visualize strongly. You can also write your petition on a piece of paper while visualizing your goal and burn it completely in the candle flame. While burning it concentrate completely on your goal. Then let the candle burn all the way out.

It is customary not to blow out magick candles. Candle snuffers or wet fingertips are preferred. When you extinguish a candle, thank Spirit for helping with your request. When done, do not think of spell again. Keep silent so that outside forces do not interfere with your desires.

Once you have used a candle for a specific purpose, keep it for this purpose. Allow it to build up the vibration that you are using if for. When storing candles, it is the custom in hoodoo to wrap and tie them. This secures their spiritual energy and marks them as still being in use. The most common way to wrap candles that are being burned in sections is to place them in a brown paper grocery bag and twist the top shut. Melted wax can also be analyzed for images of divination, similar to reading tea leaves.

To dispose of used candle wax, bury it, burn it, throw it over the left shoulder in running water or into a crossroads.



Florida Water (also known as Flower Water or Agua de Florida) is a eau de toilet of floral essential oils in a water-alcohol base. Florida Water is used for: magick and rituals, protection and spiritual cleaning, to scent bowls of water set out for the spirits of the dead, for phukuy (the process of ritually clearing objects and areas by blowing from the mouth).

One way to smudge or clear is to pour some into the hands, rub and clap the hands together, inhale the vapors, then brush the fumes over one's body.

Medicine people of Latin and South America Florida Water in much the same way as Native Americans burn sage. It is a form of cleansing known as smudging. Because the base of Florida water is wood grain alcohol, it is toxic. It is highly recommended that you do not take this commercial form into your mouth to blow. Homemade Florida Water with a vodka base can be used to blow from the mouth. Following are the ingredients that you can use to make your own. You can experiment with different mixtures and amounts until you get your own very special recipe.

Vodka (can be diluted with distilled water or rose water)

Angelica Root



Chamomile Roman

Cinnamon Bark

Clary Sage






May Chang





Rose Attar

Rose Otto


Ylang Ylang


Orris Root




The wand focuses magical forces (intentions and affirmations). It represents the element of Air or Fire. The wand serves to direct energy during ritual. Wand energy can be used for healing, concentrating amulets, programming common items, balancing and grounding yourself, increasing a skill, or to create your future the way you desire.

Each wand I create is smudged with sage for cleansing & purification and charged with Reiki life force energy.


To consecrate your wand for magickal use, burn some incense, such as cinnamon. Pass your wand through the smoke, saying: I consecrate thee, rod of skill to focalize my truest will. May my power flow through thee, as I do will, so mote it be! When you are finished, wrap it in linen or silk.


Sit in front of a lit candle and hold your wand out, saying: By the power of the elements I dedicate this magic and to heal the Earth, to channel my power, to harm none and find truth. I dedicate this magic and in name of the wizards and witches of ancient times. By the power of all that is good, all that is true, my wand honors & amplifies the magic in me and the magic in you. So mote it be!


Wands should be cleansed on a regular basis to keep the energy clean and pure. Hold your wand out, saying: Through the power of divine love, I claim and cleanse this space for the purposes of light and truth. I welcome all spirits of eternal love and demand all agents and energies that seek darkness to depart. I call forth protection into this space. Only by light, love, and learning I exist here. I boldly claim, declare, and decree that this space is worthy, sound, and receptive to the working's of light now.

To recharge: place the wand in sunlight or moonlight (preferably full moon). Or hold the wand in both hands and send energy from your hands into the wand. Envision the wand glowing with a brilliant white light. It is best to keep your wand wrapped in cloth, to keep the wand isolated from the outside world and the energy pure to you, with no contaminants. Another way to cleanse is to use burning sage (smudging). Hold the smoking sage under the wand and envision the smoke absorbing all the negative energy from the wand as it passes.


Rub your hands together vigorously for about 10 seconds or more to open up the energy pathways in your hands. Hold the wand in your dominant hand. Hold the base end in the palm of your hand and point with the pointed end. Visualize your energy being gathered and focused through the wand. In divination, use your wand to point to the cards, or runes, or whatever you are using, to help focus your concentration and receive the correct message. When you work spells, use your wand to point towards whatever you want your energy to reach, such as healing an injured friend, or protecting an endangered forest. Treat your wand as a part of your own body. And always keep it wrapped whenever you are not using it! Lay it on the front of your altar or at the East (right) side.




Medicine Bags are a container for your portable living altar. Meditate with them. Fill it with your intent. The reasons to carry a medicine bag are for guidance, healing and protection. By wearing it close to your heart, you are connecting with your spiritual self and always remembering who you are. Sleep with the bag under your pillow if at all possible. Your medicine bag is a holy item and should never be opened by anyone else.

The contents of a medicine bag can change over time. Items no longer needed can be discarded or passed on to someone else. New items may be added. Added items are those that you have a special attraction to or resonance with. The essence of these special items creates an energy that represents you.

Wear it until it needs to be replaced. If you should pass away, it's a good idea to have your medicine pouch buried with you. You can give your medicine pouch away, but you must also pass along the stories that go along with the items that are within.


Objects should include representatives from the following kingdoms:

1. Plant: Plant, leaf, bark, wood, or root.

2. Mineral: Crystals, minerals, rocks or stones.

3. Animal: Feathers, claws, fur, skull, especially something that represents your power animal.

4. Technology: Computer chips.

I typically fill medicine bags with the following:

Bird Feather – Symbol of spirit & flight, message between heaven & earth

Bell – Used to dispel evil spirits & ward off evil eye

Pine Cone – Symbol of growth

Arrowhead – Represents the masculine, the Peaceful Warrior with martial readiness & alertness.

Shells – Represent the feminine. The cowrie shell is used in divination in many cultures.

Tarot Card – Symbol of your energy.

Crystal – For clarity, spiritual attunement, & solidity. The amethyst is the gay quartz that helps amplify the 3rd eye and psychic ability.

Tobacco – Sacred offering to the Spirits. Amplifies prayers, introduces sacred spirit, provides healing and purification and allows communication with spirits

Sage - Clears and purifies sacred spaces. Drives out evil spirits, negative thoughts and feelings, and to keeps negative entities away.

Sweetgrass - Bring positive energy in after negative energies are banished by using sage, to call spirits, ancestors, and spirit helpers.

Cornmeal – Offering for protection and abundance.

Cedar – Attracts good influences. Purifies, protects, cleanses, grounds, balances, heals, calms, comforts, and decreases negativity.

Rosemary – Protects against evil and cleanses.

Beans – For nurture & nutrition.

Corn – For harvest, abundance, fertility, & blessing.

Squash Seeds – The 3rd of the 3 Sisters. The 3 sisters are the principle crops of Native Americans. Iroquois legend says that corn, beans, & squash are 3 inseparable sisters who only grow and thrive together.

Sunflower Seeds – Considered the 4th sister by many Native American tribes. Represents the sun, happiness, and growth.


The bag needs to be empowered. Lay all the objects and the bag itself on a table. Hold each object in your hand, close your eyes, and think about what you would like it to do. Thank it, and put it inside the bag. Do this for each item, one at a time. You can cleanse each object in the smoke of incense or sage. When the bag is filled, hold the bag in your hand, and concentrate on what it should do for you. Hold your pouch close to your heart and use your imagination and see the bag helping you in your minds eye. Then thank the animals, minerals, plants, etc. that gave of themselves so that you could have this bag. I smudge each bag with sage for cleansing & purification and charge with Reiki life force energy.



Safe Travel & Roadblock Removal

Good Luck


Love, Attraction, Romance, & Passion

Power & Protection  

Clear Vision, Spirit Communication,  & Psychic Vision

Money, Wealth, & Prosperity




Home Blessing & Protection

Uncrossing & Hex Removal 

Tranquility, Peace, & Healing

Hoodoo is a form of folk magic created from the beliefs and customs of American African slaves. Hoodoo also incorporates beliefs and customs from Native American, Christian, Jewish, and Celtic folklore. The word is derived from the Ewe word Hudu. Some synonyms are: conjure, witchcraft, or rootwork.

Mojo, also called: mojo bag, mojo hand, conjure bag, trick bag, lucky hand, root bag, toby, jomo, or gris-gris bag is a hoodoo amulet. The word mojo comes from the African word mojuba meaning a prayer in a bag. A mojo used for divination is called a jack, jack bag, or jack ball. In the Caribbean, a bag is called a wanga or oanga bag, from the African word wanga, which means charm or spell. Once a mojo bag is sealed, it is usually not re-opened whereas a medicine bag or pouch can be opened and items added or removed at any time.

The mojo bag is a portable altar that reminds you of what you are manifesting and keeps you immersed in the energy of the spell. It amplifies your affirmations. The mojo bag can be filled with different items depending on the purpose of the bag: herbs, roots, coins, minerals, lodestones, parts of animals' bodies, bodily fluids, full name, date of birth, personal items (hair, photo, fingernails, body fluids), a petition paper, and various other objects of magical power.


There are always an odd number of items in the bag (the bag not included in the count) but no more than 13 items. The items should come from at least 3 different elements such as: root, mineral, herb, oil, nut, metal, and personal concerns.

The energy that provides the power to the mojo bag or spell is the intention that goes with the action of creating and maintaining the bag. Each item is talked to as it is placed in the bag. When the bag is filled, it is given the breath of life. This is done by blowing into the bag.


The bag is anointed with oil as a symbol of the bag’s life blood. It is then shaken awake. Also rattles, bells, drums, or verbal declarations can be used to energize the bag. Next the bag is purified and blessed by passing it clockwise through smoke (from smudge stick or incense). Or rootworkers typically use a cigar and shot-gun the smoke into the bag. Tobacco sends the petition directly to the spirit world. The bag can also be heated up (made hot) with alcohol, coffee, or condition oil by spraying the bag with a small amount. In addition, I create smudge with sage for cleansing & purification and charge with Reiki life force energy.

To seal or not to seal the bag depends on its purpose. Sealing makes it final and if opened, the spell is done or ready to be disposed of. If this is an ongoing spell that will need to be fed you may choose not to seal it. If your bag is already sealed, do not open it. Bags are tied specifically in a traditional way and untying the knots will release its power.


You will need to feed your bag at least once a week. The most common liquids used are alcohol, such as whiskey; a perfume, such as Hoyt's Cologne or Florida Water; bodily fluids, such as spit or urine, or a condition oil. You can also do a mouth spray with alcohol or coffee. When anointing your bag with oil, dab it 5 times, once for each of the 4 directions and once for the center. Talk to you bag aloud and tell it how it has helped you and what you need it to do next.

Other forms of energizing your bag include: laying it in the sunlight and/or moonlight for 24 hours. The time of the full moon is perfect for this, holding a clear crystal pendulum over the bag and passing it slowly in a clockwise circle 9 times, to cleanse, pass the pendulum slowly anti-clockwise 9 times. Also Reiki can be used to energize your bag. If you are not attuned, ask a Reiki practitioner to perform the Reiki for you.


Mojos either draw something to you or expel things away from you. Mojos are typically carried on the body, close to the skin. Some people carry them in their purse or pocket. You can also put them under your pillow while you sleep. Do no not allow anyone to look at your mojo bag or touch your mojo bag!

Safe travel mojo bags can be placed in your vehicle. Home blessing bags can be kept hidden above the front door. Protection bags can be kept at the 4 corners of a room. Prosperity spells can be kept in the kitchen. Love and fidelity spells can be kept in the bedroom. Cleansing and uncrossing spells can be kept in the bathroom. Protection bags can be buried in the corners of the yard or under the steps of the main entrance. In a new construction site, a bag can be placed where it will remain for as long as the building stands.

If you want to expel things away from you, you can take your bag to a crossroads where the energy will be dispersed by passing traffic. When you are doing a cleansing or uncrossing mojo, natural running water is a place that will cleanse and empower.


Mojo bags die. This may be due to the bag being worn, from it being touched, looked upon, not being fed, or the spell is complete. It is important to dispose of your mojo properly. All of the items should be buried upon completion. Bury them at a strong tree if possible. You can also burn the sack or throw it in the garbage far away from your home or work. When you do so, do not look back.




It is a Native American belief that you must offer a gift that will delight the higher spirits in order to gain their attention and blessings. Usually the more work and effort put into an item for offering, the more inclined the spirits are to bless the request put to them. This requires more focus upon the intent of the prayer by its creator, hence giving it more energy.

Prayer ties are the oldest and simplest way to pray using tobacco. Tobacco is a sacred botanical in the Native American tradition. It amplifies prayers, provides healing and purification, extracts negativity in spiritual healings, and allows communication with spirits.

Prayer ties are made by using pieces of cloth that are approximately 2 to 4 square inches. Each color represents a direction. Prayer energy is offered into the tobacco by holding the tobacco in your left hand lifting it to your heart and saying your prayer. Then the tobacco is placed in the center of the cloth. The 4 corners are drawn up forming a small pouch which is tied to a string by using a clove hitch (2 half hitches). When completed, smudge the prayer ties. Usually prayer ties are released into the universe through burning. This releases the prayers in the smoke and allows them to be carried to Grandfather, Grandmother, Great Spirit.

Here is just one model of how prayer ties can be made. Each tribe that uses prayer ties has their own system of creating them. For instance, the Lakota only use 4 colors: red, black, white, and yellow.
1 East - Yellow – Air - New Beginnings, Rebirth, Prosperity, Longevity
2 South - Red – Fire - Motivation, Creativity, Growth
3 West - Black - Water – Healing, Transformation, Introspection
4 North - White – Earth - Wisdom, Spirit, Strength, Clear Vision
5 Above - Blue – Father Sky, Masculine Energy, Spiritual Healing
6 Below - Green – Mother Earth, Feminine Energy, Physical Healing
7 Center - Purple – Balance, Harmony, Self, Mental Healing
8 Parallel Universe – Orange - Soul Mate, Twin Flame

Prayer ties are released into the universe through burning. This releases the prayers in the smoke and allows them to be carried to Grandfather, Grandmother, and Great Spirit. The ties should be burned within a year of being created.

Tobacco is a sacred botanical in the Native American tradition. It amplifies prayers, provides healing and purification, extracts negativity in spiritual healings, and facilitates communication with spirits.

I imprint each prayer bundle with a special prayer then smudge them and infuse with Reiki energy.



Prayer bundles can be created for many different purposes. They can be buried or burned to activate the prayer energy. Use your own symbolism and creativity in making these bundles. Of course, all items should be environmentally-friendly such as 100% cotton material.




Prayer sticks were largely used by the Pueblo. The Hopi Indians had a special prayer stick to which a small bag of sacred meal was attached. Green and blue prayer sticks are often found in the Pueblo graves.

When collecting the wood try to find some already fallen to the ground. If this is not possible, ask the tree for permission to cut a branch. Always leave give thanks to the tree spirits for offering themselves by leaving an offering. In Native American culture it is customary to leave tobacco or corn mean. In the Celtic Druid culture, it is customary to leave whisky. If none of these are available, use a piece of your hair or your own spit.

The prayer energy is offered into the creation of prayer sticks by thinking good thoughts, healing thoughts, or thoughts of forgiveness. Smudge the prayer sticks. The prayers are released into the universe through the prayer sticks being stood up in the ground with the stick exposed to nature (air). A vision prayer stick provides a connection point between you and the Spirit World. It will help you focus and see. Beads and noisemakers are meant to make connections with the wind spirits.

Keep the stick wrapped in red cotton cloth when you are not using it. When you bring the stick out smudge it. Then sit with the stick and pray about your vision and feel the power of the stick. In prayer, the stick will help you connect with spirits and the symbols of your vision.

Each prayer stick I create is smudged with sage for cleansing & purification and charged with Reiki life force energy.




The universe is populated with spirits who vary greatly in character, temperament, and purpose. The malevolent spirits can bring trouble and harm to people who do not employ protective means to ward off their influence. Spirit traps are used to protect a person or place from the disruptive influence of evil and malicious spirits by capturing them.

The purpose of a spirit trap (aka spirit bottle or witch bottle) is to draw the spirit into the bottle by forcing it to count items like poppy or mustard seeds, or by luring it down into the bottle with a spiral trail of herbs, knotted string, or nails. The spirit trap attracts and traps hostile spirits by tricking them into believing they have found their target i.e. you.

Spirit traps originated from African, European, and Middle Eastern practices. They were used by the ancient Hebrews in some parts of Babylon to drive away evil manifested as illness, demons, the evil eye, or curses.


1.  Container: Cobalt Blue Bottle (with lid or cork)

2.  The Lure: Black Mustard Seeds (to lure the spirit into counting the seeds)
                       Black Poppy Seeds (to lure the spirit and trip it up)
                       Urine (for protection or to lure the spirit into the bottle)
                       Hair, Blood, and/or Nail-clippings (to lure the spirit into the bottle)
                       Knotted Strings (to bind and tie the spirit)

3.  The Tie Down: Devil’s Shoe Strings (to tie up devils)
                       Spanish Moss (to tie up the spirit)
                       Knotweed (to bind up and trap)
                       Nails (to nail the spirit in place)

4.  Protection:  Red Pepper (crushed)
                       Salt (to protect and drive away)
                       Black Pepper (to ward off evil)
                       Broken Glass and/or Broken Mirrors (to reflect back evil)

With intention and focus, place all the items in the bottle in the following order: 1st put the lure in the bottle. 2nd put the tie downs in the bottle. 3rd put protection in the bottle. Then blow your prayer with your breath into the bottle and immediately seal with the lid or cork. Tie a string with 9 knots around the outside of the bottle.

The bottle can be placed at the front door, in the chimney, hung from a windowsill, or hung in a tree outside your home.

If the bottle falls and breaks a Spirit has been drawn to the trap. Dispose of the trap (not on your property) in running water, at a crossroads, or bury under a tree. Then build a new trap.

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